Steele earns first mini stocks win of career

    WHITE CITY — David Steele bolted out to an early lead in the mini stock class at the Southern Oregon Speedway, with Josh Bratton right on his tail but Bratton ran out of laps and Steele took his first A-Main checkered flag to highlight Saturday night's action.

    In a yellow flag-plagued dwarf car race, R.J. McGahuey and Mitch Sheeler were neck and neck after leader Mason Lewman was taken out of the race by a lapped racer on lap 12 and McGahuey came out on top.

    Super 4 racer Parker Jones dominated the A-Main after starting in the fourth row, while Dustin Knight and Brian Johnsen traded positions for the lead in the pro stocks multiple times before Knight grabbed the lead for good and held on in the final three laps.

    In the final race of the night, Trevor Glaser's late model was untouchable as he outpaced the field for the checkered flag.

    In other racing Saturday in Elma, Wash., Southern Oregon's Brian Poppa won the final race of the Wild West Dirt Modified Tour and captured the points championship for the eight-day, six-race series. Medford's Mark Wauge placed second in the race and the series.


    A MAIN — David Steele, Josh Bratton, John Derby, Tyler Lockwood, Phillip Scott.

    TROPHY DASH — Toby Judd.

    HEAT 1A — Curt Ballard.

    HEAT 1B — Josh Bratton.


    A MAIN — R.J. McGahuey, Mitch Sheeler, Fred Hay, Chad Cardoza, Scott Toney.

    TROPHY DASH — R.J. McGahuey.

    HEAT 1 — Jeff Harsha.

    HEAT 2 — Ryan Smith.

    HEAT 3 — R.J. McGahuey.

    SUPER 4'S

    A MAIN — Parker Jones, Tony Christopher, Belinda Duste, Krista Hadley, John Barger.

    TROPHY DASH — Parker Jones.

    HEAT 1 — Tony Christopher.

    HEAT 2 — Parker Jones.


    A MAIN — Dustin Knight, Brian Johnsen, Scott Crumm, John David Duffie, Dave Yochum.

    TROPHY DASH — Dave Everson.

    HEAT 1 — Dave Everson.

    HEAT 2 — Brian Johnsen.


    A MAIN — Trevor Glaser, Trent Elliot, Skipper Klimcheck, Brittany Ray, Dane Smith.

    TROPHY DASH — Trent Elliot.

    HEAT 1 — Trent Elliot.

    HEAT 2 — Trevor Glaser.

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