Sun Breeze combines herbs with cannabis in myriad products

    Jamie Lusch/Mail Tribune Brie Malarkey, owner of Sun Breeze and Sun God Medicinals, works at her dispensary in Gold Hill. Breeze Botanicals was the first dispensary in the state to receive official OLCC Recreational Marijuana Retail Licensing.

    What started out as a farm selling its own herbal teas at growers markets has turned into a major seed-to-sale cannabis company with several entities under its umbrella.

    Sun Breeze Inc. sells herbal tea products in Oregon, Washington and California. In summer 2014, owner Brie Malarkey and her husband, Jon Cunningham, began a cannabis product line. Their recreational marijuana store in Gold Hill, Breeze Botanicals, was the first in Oregon, and Sun Breeze was the first processor in Jackson County.

    “We really are at the cutting edge of innovation down here combining different herbs with cannabis,” Malarkey says.

    Sun God Medicinals, another of Sun Breeze’s offshoots, offers several product lines, including both THC- and hemp-based tinctures, topicals, concentrates, edibles, pet products and non-cannabis herbal goods.

    “Pain, anxiety, sleep, and muscle tension or spasms are the four main product areas we’ve gone to market with in our THC dominant products,” says Malarkey, who is the company’s compounding herbalist.

    Each product in the line is named after a specific lore or myth related to what the product targets.

    “There’s all this lore and mythology about it (cannabis), but now we can look at this new modern testing and identify what works for people,” she says.

    Malarkey started working with herbs in an effort to help her family.

    “In the beginning it’s because I was a mom with a son on the autism spectrum who couldn’t sleep,” Malarkey says. “I became an herbalist, and I really wanted to know: How can I help my family and my children if the big Cascadia earthquake happened and there is no way to get pharmaceuticals? How can I forage off the land or grow what I needed to help them?”

    “Our product line is made 100 percent with herbs and plants that can be cultivated here. We want people to know what they can grow here and what they can find.”

    Sun God’s herbal supplements and teas are USDA-certified organic. The USDA does not certify cannabis, but Malarkey’s commitment to organic practices carry over to the way she runs the cannabis side of the business.

    “We have medicinal herb farms, and we really have our hands in organic agriculture. My business partner and I have a true understanding of what it takes to produce healing herbs,” she says.

    “‘Organic’ as a word has really been watered down over the last few years, so we try to strive to go beyond organic. We try to work harmoniously with the land and just make sure we have good, healthy plants. If we have good, healthy plants, hopefully they’ll produce good, healthy constituents that maybe can help people.

    “Organic agriculture — or growing and cultivating as nature intended — really is a way to make sure that what you’re giving people is the healthiest products possible. If people have a compromised immune system or a disorder they’re suffering from, and they’re trying to get off pharmaceuticals and go to holistic plant medicine, the last thing you wanna do is introduce any foreign body or something potentially toxic to them.”

    For more information about Sun God Medicinals, including retail outlets, see or call 888-470-7394.

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