Podcast: Developing resilience and the happiness skill

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    Today we're kicking off Season 2 of Happiness in Progress with a guest all the way from New Zealand - Jake Bailey.

    You’ve probably seen him online. His story has gone viral several times since he gave a speech at his high school graduation three years ago. At that time - he had just been diagnosed with cancer and had been told he had two weeks to live.

    Jake is now a public speaker, the author of 'What Cancer Taught Me,' the subject of a documentary and a weekly columnist.

    I loved talking to Jake. He talks us through his fast moving cancer and some of the thoughts he had as a teenager given two weeks to live. We talk about what cancer taught him, how he craved the monotony of life, the formula for happiness, resilience and bravery.

    This conversation is the perfect way to start the new year - with a renewed love for that monotony of life and getting to a place where we are really living for the moment.

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