Aly Plaut: Coming Up From Rock Bottom

    Danielle Craig

    I want to introduce you to Aly Plaut, the owner of Hazel Eye Photography. She’s a successful photographer in the Pacific Northwest whose work has been recognized by "The Today Show," "The Chive," Hearst Magazine and Cosmopolitan. Her work has been nominated among the top wedding photography studios in the state of Oregon for Oregon Bride Magazine. She also does pro-bono work for the non-profit Sparrow Clubs, taking pictures of children in medical need.

    But it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, Aly has clawed her way back up from rock bottom — when she didn’t have a home, couldn’t pay the bills, shuffled around her two kids as a single mom and at one point ended up in the hospital when she thought she just couldn’t handle this life anymore.

    Aly's story is one that will empower you and allow you to know you are absolutely capable of changing your life.

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