OR-7's pups are true wolves

    The mate and offspring of resident wolf OR-7 are true wolves.

    Genetic tests on scat collected this summer revealed that OR-7's mate is a wolf related to other wolves in northeast Oregon, says Michelle Dennehy, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Wolf Program spokeswoman. Scat was collected from two of their three known pups, proving the pups are their offspring and full-blooded wolves.

    The findings, which were as expected, were reported Thursday by the University of Idaho lab that conducted the tests, Dennehy says.

    While the sampling showed OR-7's mate was from northeast Oregon, it did not reveal what specific pack she came from, Dennehy says.

    The pups were born last spring in a den in southeast Jackson County and remain the only confirmed wolves in southwest Oregon.

    — Mark Freeman

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