Gear: Little Hottie's Toe Warmers

    Gear: Little Hottie's Toe Warmers

    Sledding, snow angels, skiing. Winter can be a great time for outdoor fun. But in below-freezing temperatures, feet and toes are particularly vulnerable, so it's important to keep them protected.

    Little Hotties' Toe Warmers offer a convenient solution. These small packets provide up to five hours of heat and include an adhesive to ensure they don't move while warming. Using them is simple: Just remove the warmers from their package, shake the contents to activate them, peel off the adhesive backing and stick them into the toes of your shoes. The half-moon shape has a thin adhesive layer that fits snugly under or above your toes.

    Warmers are made from safe, natural, warming ingredients, including iron powder, water, salt and charcoal, which are activated when mixed with air.

    Packets are fully disposable, and contents are biodegradable.

    Price per pack of 10 pairs (20 total toe warmers) is $15. Other quantities are available. Packets are also available in hand-, body- and foot-warming styles. Purchase at

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