Eye-Fi Card makes trip pics a snap

    Eye-Fi Card makes trip pics a snap

    The Eye-Fi Card makes your travel photo-sharing and printing duties easier. The Wi-Fi-enhanced memory card allows you to upload photos from a digital camera to a computer, photo-sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Snapfish or Shutterfly, or to the Web.

    What's hot: Leave the USB memory stick at home. With the Eye-Fi card you eliminate the step of swapping pics from your camera to the stick and then to the computer — or taking it to such outlets as Wal-Mart or Costco to have them printed. Want to let your Facebook friends see your travel pics fast? Zap them over. Going on an around-the-world trip? Let the Geotagging feature keep track of which photo was taken in which city on what day. Are you keeping a travel blog? Eye-Fi also works with TypePad and Vox blogging apps.

    What's not: Which one should you buy? The four cards on the product page cost $59 to $109. The higher-end cards, including the Eye-Fi Explore, offer Geotagging, but you'll pay extra for it if you buy one of the less-expensive cards. Figuring out which card is right for you might take a few minutes, and it's not immediately clear what's included and what costs extra. Having just two cards, a base card and a pro card, would make things easier.

    On the Net: www.eye.fi

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