Fishing Report: Friday, Oct. 21


    COASTWIDE: Forecasts call for five-knot winds and seven-foot swells today, followed Saturday by winds up to 15 knots and 11-foot swells with afternoon rain. Sunday's forecast calls for winds up to 20 knots and six-foot wind waves mixed with swells up to seven feet.

    Rockfish anglers can now venture past the 20-fathom line, but there is not much need to because lingcod and rockfish catches have been good close in when anglers can get out. Anglers can keep one cabezon a day as part of their seven-fish aggregate limit.

    Only bays are open to crabbing coastwide, and catches have been improving in Coos and Winchester bays now that the Dungeness are moving back in following last week's storms. The ocean remains closed to crabbing until Dec. 1. 

    Razor clamming is closed along the entire coast because of domoic acid levels. Bay clams and butter clams are available coastwide, but mussels also remain off limits along the entire coast because of domoic acid. Before digging, check the shellfish hotline at 1-800-448-2474.



    AGATE: The lake was listed Thursday at 16 percent full and up slightly, though there has been little angling interest. Fishing is fair at best for a mix of bass, crappie and perch. No trout stockings are planned this year. No gas motors are allowed. Electric trolling motors are OK.

    APPLEGATE: Trolling for rainbows has improved slightly, and fish stocked earlier this year are putting on some size. Some anglers are catching rainbows up to 18 inches by trolling deep higher in the reservoir and off points. Bass fishing is best off points and near submerged trees. The lake has risen about nine feet from recent rains and it was still rising slightly Thursday. The Copper, Hart-Tish and French Gulch ramps are all usable.

    DIAMOND: The lake is fishing pretty well since the cooler weather has set in. PowerBait and worms are out-fishing trolling, but trollers using small lures such as Triple Teasers are doing well. The rainbows are spread out. The 300,000 fingerlings stocked last spring are starting to reach legal size. All tiger trout must be released.

    EMIGRANT: The lake was listed Thursday at 18 percent full and dropping, with little open water and no vegetation. Trout and bass are in the deeper sections of what's left of the lake. The county boat ramp is not usable, and that has severely limited interest.

    FISH: The lake was up to 25 percent full Thursday and fishing fairly well for what's left of the 900 trophy trout stocked at the Forest Service boat ramp in late September. The Forest Service ramp is now back in play and usable for most trailered boats. The resort is now closed. There are still lots of visible and shallow stumps to watch for. Fish worms under bobbers or use PowerBait. Tiger trout as big as 18 inches have been caught, but they must be released unharmed.

    HOWARD PRAIRIE: Fishing continues to be good and should remain so this weekend after the lake rose slightly from the past storms. Holdover trout in the 14- to 19-inch range are being caught on a somewhat regular basis by trollers using Tasmanian Devils or Wedding Rings with small pieces of worm. The lake was listed Thursday at 47 percent full.

    HYATT: Trout fishing has slowed, and bass fishing has tapered off with the colder weather. Anything red works for bass, especially around the Orchard and in the bay near the BLM ramp. Not much size to the largemouth, though. The lake is up a hair to 42 percent full.

    LOST CREEK: The lake has risen six feet and continued to rise slightly Thursday despite the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers upping the water releases to 1,500 cubic feet per second. The lake was up to 1,814.6 feet and climbing Thursday, up 2.6 feet from the normal winter low pool.The up-and-down reservoir levels will put the trout and bass bites off for a bit. Also, as the water comes up, boaters should watch for more floating debris. The better fishing for trout remains upstream of Peyton Bridge, where water temperatures are more favorable. Fishing is fair to good for 10,000 legal-sized trout and 1,075 trophy trout stocked there in August. Another fall stocking is set for later this month. Landlocked salmon have been holding deeper than the trout. Fish for largemouth in the submerged willows and for smallmouth off rocky points.

    LAKE OF THE WOODS: Fishing is fair to good for a mix of rainbows, brown trout and perch near the resort for anglers using worms under bobbers or PowerBait off the bottom. Fishing is best at dawn and dusk.

    WILLOW: Trout fishing has slowed for the mix of legal-sized and pounder rainbows stocked in July at the county boat ramp. The lake is very low, but water clarity is good.

    EXPO: The pond hasn't been stocked since June. Fishing is poor.



    ROGUE: Upper Rogue flows are dropping and the river was fishable Thursday after several days of being too dirty from recent storms. Ditto for the middle Rogue, which has pulled into shape and should be pretty good for summer steelhead until the next bump in flows the middle of next week. Most of the chinook and coho have moved out of the lower Rogue bay, but enough chinook are hovering around the mouth of Indian Creek to make it worthwhile for a few wading bank anglers each day.

    That makes the middle Rogue the best bet for those fishing eggs downstream of spawning fall chinook. The summer steelhead are really keying in on eggs now, so if you're not fishing below spawners you're not fishing on steelhead. Catches really picked up last week before the rains, and the river pulled into good shape for steelheading Wednesday. Flows Thursday in Grants Pass were down to 2,589 cfs of 5 NUTs of turbidity. That's very good. Most driftboaters were working the city run.

    Flows in the upper Rogue out of Lost Creek were increased Thursday to 1,500 cfs to shave off some of the water captured during last weekend's heavy rains. Flows at Dodge Bridge were listed Thursday at just 1,688 cfs, but look for that to rise to about 1,800 cfs by today. A little rain is forecast but likely not enough to mess with flows or turbidity this weekend.

    The upper Rogue remains in flies-only mode, with the best catches on egg patterns below any remaining spawning chinook, which tend now to be lower in the system. Flows at the old Gold Ray Dam site were down to 2,259 cfs Thursday and should end up around 2,500 cfs today. The water's a little dirty below the mouth of Bear Creek, but it's fishable. Spinning rods with bobbers are allowed, but no other added weights or attachments. That includes swivels. The water is very cold, so swinging leeches or traditional streamers is slow. Be careful not to wade in redds.

    Fly and bait fishing for halfpounders and adult summer steelhead was blown out this week in the Agness area, but flows are dropping and were listed at about 7,000 cfs Thursday.

    The lower Rogue bay is decent for chinook only at the mouth of Indian Creek, where fish are milling about regularly. Cast spinners from the bank or troll anchovies just off the bankie casting zone.

    APPLEGATE: The river is open to trout fishing. All wild trout must be released unharmed. No fin-clipped rainbows are stocked there.

    CHETCO: The river was fishing well for chinook with plugs the past few days as water levels descend following last weekend's heavy rains. The bobber regulations remain in place upstream of River Mile 2.2 until Nov. 4. It is legal to fish a Kwikfish with one single-point hook and a sliding bobber on the running line, provided the leader is no longer than three feet. That rigging is working best as the water starts to drop and clear.

    ELK: The river was fishing very well for fall chinook this past week as fresh salmon have moved all the way up to the Hatchery Hole. Plugs and bait are working well. The river was listed Thursday at 3.4 feet and green at the hatchery gauge. That's starting to get low.

    SIXES: The river pulled into shape and should be fishing very well for fall chinook through the weekend on streamer flies, spinners and eggs with bobbers.

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