Letters to the Editor, April 8

    Resist smart meters

    The power company has decided to install “smart” meters at all of our homes. The Medford area will be done between June and September.

    First, these meters emit some amount of radiation (which they say is not dangerous, but there is some debate about that). Secondly, it’s a job killer — no more meter readers.

    But the most objectionable thing for me is that to opt out of getting a new meter installed, you must pay $137 up front and $36 extra per month! This is extortion! If you want to get in touch with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (which has approved these outrageous rate penalties), call them at 800-522-2404. If enough folks complain, maybe we can get them to reduce this to a more reasonable one-time fee. But really, why should we have to pay anything to maintain the status quo and avoid laying off workers?

    Arlene Aron


    Border wall surprise

    What a surprise! President Trump OKs massive military funding and then, guess what. He wants to tap military funding to build the border wall. How stupid does he think the American people are? Pretty stupid, evidently ,since so many can’t see through him.

    N. Shaw

    Central Point

    Impeccable service

    Jeff Golden is running for an Oregon Senate seat — I rejoiced to hear this. Over decades, he has consistently put his caring into action for the well-being of people and the community.

    I was aware of his singular integrity as county commissioner (1987-1991). Anyone who has watched his program Immense Possibilities on SOPTV over the years can see how he finds the most creative, compassionate and effective people and projects to present, while also eliciting the best in his viewers. I support his position on affordable health care for all Oregonians, and reducing carbon emissions while creating sustainable energy jobs.

    He yet again is demonstrating his incorruptibility by not pandering to big money interests — though I hope that people and organizations with money, who support the causes he’s worked for all his life, do endorse him and donate to his campaign.

    Claudia Chaves


    Put prayer back

    Take prayer out of the classroom — bring in students marching in support of gun control. Quite a trade-off.

    The students marching across the nation for gun control is great, but what do we expect when we take God and prayer out of schools? What would happen if we put God and prayer in schools before the tragedy instead of allowing it after it’s done?

    Our pledge to the flag is: One nation, under God. Are we still one nation under God? Benjamin Franklin wrote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Would an ounce of prayer be worth a pound of safety? It might work — it would be worth a try.

    Bob Stafford


    Obey our leader

    It states clearly in the Bible to obey those who have authority over us.

    Obama is not president anymore and Hillary Clinton never got in.

    As President Trump gets a united team with which to agree and moving in a forward direction, we must endorse him and trust his judgment. Hebrews 13:17,18.

    Virginia Rodriquez

    Eagle Point

    Old habits die hard

    Our president, yearning for the “good old days,” sitting behind his desk, pointing his finger, and saying “your fired” once was a weekly TV event.

    It appears that the frequency of firing White House personnel is greater than that of his TV program. It really is difficult to break old habits — what the heck, if it feels good, do it again, and again, and ...!

    Raymond Steinbroner


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