Letters to the Editor, April 26

    Letters to the Editor, April 26

    Don’t ostracize everyone

    Again, the police are in bad light, with Starbucks controlling the dimmer. We should be thankful that it did not escalate further.

    Starbucks issued an apology for this unwarranted incident. Mayor Kenney, critical of Starbucks, has reached out to Starbucks directly to discuss the matter.

    Personally, every Starbucks I’ve patronized, and there are many, I’ve seen and experienced only respect and care for every person, be it a paying customer or a seemingly homeless person. Sometimes, I or another patron will offer the stranger a beverage or snack, which is not always accepted, but always appreciated. Every Starbucks I’ve patronized has welcomed this fellowship between patrons of the coffeehouse.

    I am a Starbucks fan, and appreciate every friend, both behind counter and among the patrons, that I’ve made there. It’s too bad that, like other police-involved incidents, this Starbucks incident will throw every Starbucks and every cop who enters one into negative light until the next cellphone video steals that attention away.

    Starbucks is not a bad apple; one person there made the regretful call, and the police could have handled it better. We should not ostracize every cop and every Starbucks for the mistake of one or two.

    Linda Green

    Central Point

    A political crisis

    Not since the Civil War has America faced a political crisis as serious as the current one.

    Watergate was bad, but the damage was contained by effective bipartisan response in Congress. Republicans and Democrats both understood the gravity of the situation and put politics aside to resolve the issues in a manner commanding the respect of all Americans.

    The current crisis generated by President Trump’s lies, ignorance, nastiness and erratic behavior festers because Republicans in Congress refuse to hold Trump to account. They have put power before principle, endangering our republic. Although we need a two-party system to keep the government in balance, the Republican Party has lost its moral compass and needs an electoral spanking to learn that power without principle is unacceptable.

    Chris Crawford


    Serial liar

    The man in the White House lies almost every day, and the New Times has compiled of list of over 2,500 lies. He lied about Obama’s birthplace and he lied about Obama wiretapping his phone. He lied about publishing his income taxes, he lied about his benefiting from this new tax bill, he has lied about his involvement in Russia and their involvement in our election and now he lies about the attempt to cover up his involvement with porn star Daniels.

    He has lied about keeping us safe from climate change and keeping our drinking water safe. How does increasing the air pollution help us all to breathe? His worst lie was when he swore on a Bible to serve and protect the American people.

    Time and again, totally unqualified individuals are nominated for federal appointments, and equally as often Republicans roll over and play dead, or actively endorse crooks, or ignorance and incompetence.

    And now we learn that Oregon Republicans are as culpable as those nationally in employing the unethical tactic offered by Cambridge Analytica, the company that colluded with Russia. No wonder Republicans are silent on Russian collusion; they are seemingly embroiled in the conspiracy.

    Bruce Bauer


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