Letters to the editor, April 1

    Letters to the editor, April 1

    Political sabotage

    I’m a Walden supporter. A bold statement these days in Southern Oregon with an increasingly aggressive “resistance” and “Indivisible” movement afoot. While I care little what these extremists say about me, I do care how they treat the professional young women and men in Congressman Greg Walden’s office.

    Indivisible is making a mockery of our Republic with their intimidation and bullying tactics worthy of a banana republic.

    At a recent protest, this rabble publicly disrespected our duly elected congressman with vulgar limericks. Free speech – yes. Dignity and civility worthy of an American – no.

    These blatant distractions appear to be tactics designed solely to prevent Walden’s staff from completing the work of helping the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District navigate the federal bureaucracy. Veterans having issues with the VA, seniors not receiving their benefits, or students hoping for an appointment to a military academy. It is unapologetic political sabotage.

    Steven Richie


    Darn that Obama

    So, the stock market has tanked yet again and to top it off, my income taxes will actually go up in 2018. Obama has a lot to answer for.

    Michael Shanafelt


    We can fire Trump

    It appears the majority of the voters elected Trump, so since he was hired by us, he can be fired by us.

    Just a few reasons for this action:

    • Misappropriation of funds by asking taxpayers to pay millions for an ineffective wall at the Mexican border.

    • Money wasted on weekends at his properties instead of the White House.

    • Forcing immigrants who are productive, law-abiding, longtime US residents to be deported back to Mexico.

    • Refusing to take action to improve gun laws and protect the children and citizens of this country.

    • Treason, for showing more respect for Russian’s president Putin than the American people, Why, because he wants to build the tallest Trump tower ever in Russian.

    Mr. Trump, to be the most powerful and respected man in the world, here are ways to ensure your place in history.

    • Feed the hungry.

    • Health insurance for all Americans.

    • Protect the people in Syria from political tyrants.

    • Really deal with global warming.

    • Make sure all the people in our world have access to clean water.

    Pretend this is your mother, study the art of listening.

    Leslee Freeman


    White House threatens care

    I received an email from Compassion & Choice, an organization that deserves your support. The serious matter of end-of-life care is in jeopardy.

    A White House plan to create a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the Federal Department of Health and Human Services is being planned.

    This is unfair and favors opponents as well as provoking doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers who refuse to honor any patient-care options they object to. That includes medical aid in dying (even when authorized by states) and voluntarily stopping eating and drinking, for which some patients want physician or hospice support.

    E-mail Compassion&Choice.com/fight to arrange a contribution to them.

    M. Williams


    Stand against pipeline

    In a recent letter, Sen. Ron Wyden’s press secretary stated, with regard to the Pacific Connector Pipeline/Jordan Cove LNG project, the senator will “not put his thumb on the scale” but will make sure “this decision is determined on the merits, not political influence.”

    Decision “on the merits” is unlikely. The Trump administration has cited the project among its highest energy priorities and appointed four of five FERC members who will decide its fate at the federal level.

    Senator, I appreciate what you have done to protect Oregon’s natural resources, the threatened Cascade-Siskiyou Monument expansion being a prime example. Perhaps “putting your thumb on the scale” and voting “nay” instead of “present” for confirmation of Interior Secretary Zinke, who advocates shrinking the monument, would’ve been advisable.

    Your website states “”No” on Keystone XL pipeline, Ron stands up for Oregonians.” I would like to know your reasoning in opposing Keystone “for Oregonians” while refusing to take a stance on a project with similarities in Oregon.

    Senator, please review the specifics of the Pacific Connector/Jordan Cove project, listen to your constituents, take a stance, represent us.

    Allen Crutcher


    Thanks to Walden

    Greg Walden recently received the Distinguished Community Health Champion Award from the Oregon Primary Care Association and the National Association of Community Health Centers. This was due to his legislation in Washington, D.C., to increase funding for community health centers. This funding will service more than 200,000 Oregonians.

    I personally thank Congressman Walden for his great work on behalf of the citizens of Oregon.

    Ruth Brodman


    Students show the way

    Students all across America are showing us the way.

    They have unleashed a secret weapon, love. In return they are asking every PTA in the country, every mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather to go out and vote.

    They share a worthy objective. Using the power of the vote they intend to show the gun lobby and the NRA with their millions of dollars of political contributions that plain, simple, average Americans possess something even more powerful. They will prove that American moms and pops love their children more than the NRA loves its guns.

    Come November, in every county, in every city, in every state of our United States the moms and pops will be out voting with one united thought in mind. Stop the killing of our children.

    David L. Israel


    Golden is public servant

    Many of us are troubled by “big money” in politics. Yet candidates still accept corporate and PAC money, all the while claiming they are not influenced. Sure! We know the PACs expect something more than nice words and a “thank you” for their contributions.

    In Oregon Senate District 3, one candidate refuses to be bought. If you want a government of, by, and for the people, your candidate is Jeff Golden. In the interests of integrity, and to his great credit, Jeff has even declined donations from PACs that are clearly consistent with his values and beliefs.

    Jeff has a track record of public service as county commissioner, as an environmental advocate and more. With this experience and knowledge of the system, once in Salem, Jeff would hit the ground running.

    Jeff Golden stands head and shoulders above all declared candidate of all parties in the Senate District 3 race.

    Kathy Conway


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