President Obama's recent remarks about the police incident in Cambridge (in which he admits he does not know the facts) show him for what he is. A person that makes reckless and juvenile snap judgments.

    He is now rushing his take over of the nation's health care using the same reckless snap judgments. He admits he hasn't read the bill, yet consistently goes into detail about how he imagines it will work.

    He is either lying or is a fool. If you read the bill you will see that everything he says is wrong. It will bankrupt many insurance companies, millions of people will lose their private coverage and their doctors, there will be quotas, the elderly will be shoved aside and illegal immigrants from any country will get health care paid for by us, doctors will quit the business. And to top it off, Congress and the president will exempt themselves. Read it and see!

    To fairly and rationally overhaul this nation's massive health care system would take years, not a month or two.

    I am scared! Imagine this same reckless snap judgments being used in the arena of foreign affairs. Congress needs to stop this and so do we! — Lloyd Holm, Butte Falls

    As President Obama strives to clear the widespread wreckage his predecessor left behind, obstructionist Republicans squander time and taxpayer dollars erecting roadblocks. They deny responsibility for having enabled Bush & Co.'s recklessness yet continue to promote destructive policies.

    Determined to oppose every Democratic proposal despite its merits, Republicans chant their tiresome refrains: more corporate tax cuts, more offshore tax havens, more deregulation, more job outsourcing, more big industry profiteering (defense, health insurance, et al.). They remain aligned with the corporate sector and wedded to the widely discredited trickle-down economic theory.

    Obama, however, works to further the people's interests, although his efforts to initiate policies designed to deliver lasting benefits elude the instant-gratification seekers. Given sufficient time and enough help from progressive policy makers to overrule the naysayers, he will confront the limitations of a political system not designed for action and effect substantive change.

    He deserves our support as he works to address some of the most difficult problems this country has ever faced. — Marie Arvette, Medford

    Walter Cronkite is being praised for his insights and trustworthiness. What isn't being spoken about is his strong support for the bill in Congress to create a Department of Peace. Having seen war and struggle close up, Cronkite understood why this legislation is so important. He said:

    "This would begin to bring them all into a conscious effort to improve humanity by achieving peace ... demonstrating to the rest of the world, to borrow the old motto of the Strategic Air Command, that 'peace is our profession' ... Now, to some, this is going to sound terribly naive, given the current state of things and the very real, hard-edged dangers that face us.

    "But the naiveté just might lie on the other side with those who believe that military force and our policy of pre-emption are alone sufficient to make us safe."

    Listen to his full statement at www.thepeacealliance.org/content/view/170/1/ and celebrate the courage of this man with a call to your congressperson to support the Department of Peace. — Eric Sirotkin, Ashland

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