Letters to the Editor, May 8

    Letters to the Editor, May 8

    Promoting pot and profiting

    Congratulations on publishing the pot magazine in your newspaper.

    You have found a new revenue stream for the paper.

    It’s unfortunate that you have chosen to promote something that has not been studied nor proven to be effective.

    I would hazard to guess that when they finally study it research will show that smoking pot causes cancer just like tobacco smoke. I find it interesting that both the fathers and founders of medical marijuana in California and Oregon died from lung cancer.

    Yes, CBD oils show great promise but your magazine clearly promoted the smoking of marijuana.

    The all mighty dollars wins out again!!

    Chuck Brook


    Tim White for Congress

    We are about to choose the Democratic candidate to face Congressman Greg Walden in the November general election.

    In this conservative district, Greg Walden will not be easily defeated. Democrats will need help from Republicans and independents. If we were to ask Greg Walden which Democratic candidate is he most concerned about facing, we bet he would say Tim White.

    Why? Because Tim White is a dedicated fighter. What distinguishes Tim from the other candidates is that he is ready to step into the ring and go toe-to-toe with Greg Walden. His 30 years of leadership at Chrysler Corporation has prepared him for this moment. He understands the diverse nature of this district and has demonstrated he can communicate across party lines.

    The May 15 Democratic primary is just the beginning. The real contest lies ahead. For us the choice is simple: Tim White, a strong, innovative leader for Oregon District 2.

    Rich and Dianne Di Vita

    Central Point

    Voting for Golden

    Oregonians face a number of decisions in the mid-May primary election. One of those is the race for the Oregon Senate District 3 seat (the district includes Ashland, Jacksonville, Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ruch and part of the Applegate Valley). Four Democrats are running; I plan to vote for Jeff Golden, and I urge you to consider doing so also.

    I’ve known Jeff for 35 years, since he ran for Jackson County commissioner during the 1980s “timber wars.” He is honest, principled and has chosen not to accept special-interest money in this race. Join me in voting for Jeff Golden for state Senate.

    John Enders


    Choose McLeod-Skinner

    The first time I heard Jamie McLeod-Skinner speak was at the 2018 Women’s March in Medford. I was very impressed then and I am still positively impressed after doing my own research on her and learning where she stands and her beliefs on how to improve what we have now.

    Jamie has the best qualifications and is best equipped to run a successful campaign to beat Greg Walden and to give the district back to us, the people in District 2.

    I invite everyone to visit her website: https://jamiefororegon.com.

    Read about her position on the issues that matter to us, Oregonians. Vote for Jamie!

    Maria-Cristina Page


    Gomez means business

    Southern Oregon needs a state senator with real experience running a small business so that we can trust them to fight higher taxes and help small businesses grow.

    Jessica Gomez started her own small business in Medford and has kept it open for 15 years. It’s refreshing to finally have a candidate who knows what it’s like to fight through the onslaught of taxes and regulations that make it hard for small business owners to stay in business.

    If you want a state senator who can take real business experience to Salem and make a difference instead of just giving lip service to small businesses, Jessica Gomez is the right choice.

    Shandra Husted

    Husted Trucking


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