Letters to the Editor, May 17


    Can’t afford new jail

    Coincidentally with the current drive to convince voters to pass a bond for a new jail, MT’s “No-shows served notice” (May 7) touts a new initiative to hold chronic offenders in jail until their court date as a solution. The article quickly shows its intent sell the public on a new jail, as if it would be the panacea to all of the problems of dealing with these offenders to have a big new jail to warehouse them in.

    The new jail will cost $1.09 per $1,000 of assessed value, using a value of $200,000 as an example ($218). Go to http://web.jacksoncounty.org/pdo/, to the search tab, and find out the real assessed value of your home, and do the math. Most will find in reality that the amount doubles and triples.

    The cost of the jail represents an unrealistic burden on homeowners, and a Band-aid for the underlying problems of repeat criminals. What about creating jobs, drug rehabilitation, and comprehensive long-term solutions?

    What does Medford want to be known for? Do we want our motto to be “Build the jail, and they will come?” Jailing offenders indefinitely looks to be costly and impractical.

    Kathy Lambie


    We’ve seen this movie before

    When lies become the basis for U.S. foreign policy, the world is in danger; yet alternative facts are exactly what guide our current president.

    Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all confirmed that Iran is complying with the international Iran Deal. Meanwhile, to justify his long-promised U.S. withdrawal, Trump trotted out lies about evidence that Iran was breaking the agreement. Claiming that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu provided convincing evidence of a current Iranian breach when all he offered was the hyped-up, warmed-over claim of a well-known previous effort by Iran to gain nuclear capability, Trump withdrew from an effective and functioning deal arranged by this country and several international partners.

    The neocon war-monger John Bolton has successfully brought back into a gullible White House the lies he pushed to get us into the Bush era Iraq travesty.

    Words have meaning and consequences. As this president lies time and again, the credibility of our nation sinks lower and threats to global peace and our collective futures rise.

    Defending this president or running as a Trumpist for any office means being an enabler of this incompetence.

    Alan Journet


    Now I get it

    Donald Trump in the Oval Office: Revelation finally makes sense!

    Michael Shanafelt


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