Letters to the Editor, June 20


    Tearing families apart

    I am appalled by the Trump administration’s new policy to separate immigrant children from their parents at the border. The latest atrocious news is that some of the kids will be “housed” in a tent city with near 100-degree weather.

    How can this be happening in our country? It boggles the imagination how our so-called leaders defend their actions claiming that the Bible provides a moral justification. This is just grotesquely ludicrous. We have to stop this madness.

    Mary O’Kief


    Vaccine report misleading

    The June 9 article alleging scary lower immunization rates threatening “herd immunity” is based on a misleading OHA press release and simply not true. In April this same OHA reported that the vast majority of Oregon children, well above 90 percent, are fully immunized. According to the CDC, Oregon’s vaccination rates are above the national average for four of five required vaccines.

    Why the increase in exemptions? One, children missing even one vaccine are labeled “exempt.” A child with 34 of 35 required vaccines is labeled “exempt.” This is soon reported as “unvaccinated.” Very helpful for scaring people and creating social pressure.

    Also, exemption rates are somewhat (but hardly “sharply”) increasing because so many new vaccines have been added to the schedule. Oregon is tied with Virginia and Nevada for the third highest number of required vaccines. Parents are saying, enough already. And they have good reason to. For details, Google “Why did Oregon Health Authority Spur a Vaccine Panic (again)?” by J. B. Handley. (https://jbhandleyblog.com/home/ohapanic)

    Could this unjustified fear-mongering be preparation for another attack on parental rights and medical freedom to come from Salem? Stay tuned.

    Lynn Barton


    Winners and losers

    Both Trump and Kim gained something from the photo op in Singapore. You might very well ask what our country got from the “deal,” but that would be the wrong question. Each man took away something for himself, because that’s what it’s all about.

    The only “country” that got some benefit was Singapore. Their investment of 15 million in Singapore dollars (20 million U.S. dollars) should pay off well for them.

    Trump managed to pull off two coups in one week. The other was at Charlevoix, Canada. In that case all the G7 countries lost something. It remains to be seen whether their citizens lost in the long run.

    Dean Ayers


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