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When you don't care enough to see the very best
Remember when the holiday season meant cuddling up on the couch, warmed by the fire, sipping the occasionally spiked egg nog and watching anything on the telly but the inevitable rerun of “It’s A Wonderful Life”? Times were simpler then. Dylan and Shatner hadn’t released Christmas albums. The holiday Yule log wasn’t streamed 24 hours a day. And the Hallmark Movie Channel hadn’t churned out a decade’s worth of cookie-cutter cinematic classics....  more

Music to teachers' ears
Most elementary students weren't even born the last time Phoenix-Talent taught music. Here's what it took to bring the classes back....  more

Since You Asked: Big plane landed here on business
One of the largest commercial aircrafts in the world landed at the Medford airport in order to move something big....  more

Oregon Outdoors: Trail goes legit
The MT's Mark Freeman explores the work it takes to transform an "outlaw" trail into something more dependable....  more

Talent council votes down jail proposal
Saying "we can do better," the mayor cast the tiebreaking vote that'll leave its residents out of a jail bond election....  more

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