Signals are required in roundabouts


    I read that not using your turn signal when exiting a roundabout is an expensive ticket, yet I have witnessed many drivers, including police, not doing this. Any chance this can be monitored?

    — Richard, via email

    You hit the nail on the head, Richard. There’s a state law that requires drivers to use appropriate turn signals when entering or exiting a roundabout, according to Medford police Sgt. Trevor Arnold.

    The law, ORS 811400, says “a person commits the offense of failure to use an appropriate signal for a turn, lane change or stop or for an exit from a roundabout if the person does not make the appropriate signal ... by use of signal lamps or hand signals and the person is operating a vehicle that is turning, changing lanes, stopping or suddenly decelerating or exiting from any position within a roundabout.”

    If you get popped, it’s considered a class B traffic violation, which carries a presumptive $265 fine.

    As for monitoring the spot, it sounds like police are very familiar with it already.

    “Highland Drive is one of the most frequent locations in the city of Medford that is monitored by our mobile radar vans,” Arnold said in an email.

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