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Pie + Vine: New name, but much remains the same

ASHLAND — The old Pasta Piatti went away for three weeks and was reborn with a long wine counter, chic new paint, stone floor and wood-fired oven that will give a special flavor to many dishes, says owner Lisa Beam.

Oh, and a new name: Pie + Vine.

Beam and her husband, Tom Beam, opened the successful dining spot in 2004 on East Main in the block north of the Ashland library and decided, after a dozen years, it needed a new look — but with mostly the same menu, staff and prices, she says.

The white-tiled wood stove adds a nice touch and is visible to diners. It’s great, she says, for Chef Sam Jackson to do whole-roasted trout, half-roasted organic chicken, roasted tomatoes for pizza — and to prepare Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and pop grapes for salad.

The new bar/counter is concrete and leaves you gazing at a giant wine rack full of mostly Oregon selections. Some are from Italy. The outside is painted Mediterranean white with black trim.

“We’re evolving and wanted more of a showcase,” Beam says. “It’s something new, but we’re still here. We make our own sausage and bread and pull our own mozzarella.”

Soon to come is another new touch, their own wine, grown from their own acre vineyard south of town, with Weisinger’s as their winemaker. That will be ready in two years. They also have a big selection of mostly Oregon craft beers at the counter.

Why the new name? It goes back to pizza pie, Lisa Beam says. That’s what they call pizza back on Long Island, where Tom is from.

Pie + Vine serves lunch, dinner and takeout orders and offers free delivery.

John Darling is an Ashland freelance writer. Reach him at jdarling@jeffnet.org.

Pasta Piatti has reopened as Pie + Vine on Main Street with a new look and menu. Mail Tribune / Denise Baratta