Parents facing hard times need essentials

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    This father of two recently lost his job and also stands to lose his Grants Pass home of nine years.

    As he struggles to secure full-time employment, gift cards for groceries, gas and household items, as well as children’s clothing, would help to fill his income gap.

    Recovery from a cardiac aneurysm and emergency open-heart surgery about a year and half ago hadn’t stopped this 31-year-old man from working, until his recent layoff. His subsequent search for work yielded only a part-time retail position. His 30-year-old wife is a stay-at-home mother to their 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter, who has special needs.

    Parenting classes, individual counseling and family counseling are among this couple’s ongoing efforts to raise a child with significant emotional and behavioral issues. The mother often is needed at her daughter’s school, where she is on an individualized education plan, to help staff deal with her behavior. Despite these challenges, the mother is actively involved in her son’s preschool program at Southern Oregon Head Start and also serves as vice chair for Head Start’s Policy Council.

    This family’s numerous endeavors to improve their situation include contacting organizations throughout Josephine County that could provide rental assistance. They’ve repeatedly been told that agencies are “out of funding.” A more affordable residence has not emerged, either.

    While housing is this family’s most pressing need, they would welcome even small measures of relief from their financial stress. The daughter could use pants in girls’ size 10, size-medium tops and size-1 shoes. Her brother wears 5 and 5T pants and shirt sizes, respectively, and size-13 shoes.

    To help, call Head Start’s Lisa Farlin at 541-734-5150, ext. 1051, or 707-799-4857.

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