New park eyed for southeast Medford

    Andy Atkinson / Mail Tribune <br><p>A new park is slated for this land off Shamrock Drive in southeast Medford.{/p}

    A new three-acre park in east Medford near North Phoenix Road should take shape this summer if City Council approves a $752,424.90 construction contract Thursday.

    “We’re very pleased to get this project underway,” said Rich Rosenthal, Medford parks director. “We share the eagerness and enthusiasm of residents in that area.”

    Village Center Park would be located north of Barnett Road and east of North Phoenix as part of the new development that is taking place in southeast Medford.

    The 3.2-acre park will have playgrounds, sport courts, pathways, lighting, landscaping and a restroom.

    Rosenthal said the city received considerable input from residents, including a request for two dedicated pickleball courts, a popular game he described as a cross between pingpong and tennis. A half basketball court is also going to be built.

    Mahar Homes, Crystal Springs Development Group and developer Randy Jones donated the park land to the city’s Parks and Recreation Foundation, which then transferred the land to the city, which paid $17,031.50 in administrative fees.

    Roxy Ann Rock Inc. was the low bidder for the project, with the only other bid coming from Knife River at $876,610.30.

    If approved by the council, the project would be completed by Oct. 30. The park eventually will be part of a new trail complex that will link to Larson Creek Trail to the west and Chrissy Park to the northwest.

    Rosenthal said the foundation obtained 4.7 acres from Mahar, but one acre is being set aside for a storm-water detention pond, with the remaining land going to streets.

    In the past month, Lone Oak Drive, Michael Park Drive and Shamrock Drive have been extended to serve the park, a condition the city required before the park could be developed, Rosenthal said.

    Shamrock is just to the north of the park, Lone Oak is to the east and Michael Park is to the south.

    The park is located along Herbert Creek, which will provide the focal point for a greenway toward North Phoenix Road.

    Jones said the park will be the first leg of this trail system, and a trailhead will be built in the new Village Center commercial area to the west of the park. The Village Center hasn’t been built yet.

    While the park has been discussed for years, Jones said the current plans call for more amenities than earlier proposals.

    “We’re hoping this project becomes a model for how to do public-private partnerships,” Jones said.

    The park is part of the city’s Leisure Services Plan, which identified areas of Medford that didn’t have enough parks based on population.

    The city has 27 developed parks, as well as two undeveloped parks, Chrissy and Midway.

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