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Mother of alleged shooter says she lived in fear

A grand jury indicted a former Ashland High School student and daughter of two New York Times bestselling authors on manslaughter charges Friday.

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, 26, who has blogged, reported and published young adult novels under the name Tucker Reed, was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of her uncle, Shane Patrick Moore, at his Applegate home, court records show.

Reed's mother, Kelly Moore of Jacksonville, said she and her daughter had lived in fear of Shane Moore since January and that Reed tried to protect her after Shane began assaulting Kelly the night of the shooting.

"I'd hate the people to think my daughter is a killer, because she's not," Kelly Moore said, adding that Reed was in "terrible" fear at the time. "In my opinion, Shane did it to himself."

Kelly Moore and Tucker's father, Dan Reed, wrote the 1988 New York Times bestselling true crime book "Deadly Medicine." Kelly also co-wrote with her daughters Tucker and Larkin Reed the young adult novels "Amber House" and "Neverwas."

A property dispute was at the core of troubles between Kelly Moore and her brother, Kelly said.

Shane Moore, a convicted felon, lived with his mother, Lore Moore, at 7201 Thompson Creek Road, near the Josephine County border. Shane Moore had pressured Lore to deed the home and farmland to him, but Kelly, a former civil attorney who once represented Anna Nicole Smith, resisted on behalf of her mother.

The night of the alleged attack, Kelly Moore and Tucker Reed had been helping Lore Moore return home from the hospital. Kelly Moore said Lore was unwilling to be out alone with Shane in the home she'd built with Kelly's father in 2001.

Shane came inside, whacked Kelly with the door and began "beating me up," Kelly said. He made death threats at Kelly and threatened Tucker for pressing domestic violence assault charges against Shane, Kelly Moore said.

Shane Moore has a 2004 felony conviction for possessing methamphetamine and hashish, discovered after he'd purchased pipes, drill bits and a large amount of butane at Hubbard's Ace Home Center in Medford, Mail Tribune archives show.

When the store employee asked what he was making, Shane said, "You'll hear it."

Medford police issued a search warrant on Shane's trailer on the property, where they found a butane hash oil operation and methamphetamine.

Shane Moore also has faced federal marijuana possession charges, records out of U.S. District Court in Northern California show.

Shane Moore was most recently booked in the jail July 7 on a charge of violating a no-contact order, according to Jackson County Jail records. He was booked in the jail and released. 

Stacie MacKenzie, which Kelly Moore believed was a girlfriend of Shane's, listed the Thompson Creek property as her address when she was charged in 2012 with felony methamphetamine possession. She has failed to appear in court on the charges in the past, and MacKenzie's next appearance on the charge is set for Aug. 24, court records show.

MacKenzie was the victim in a domestic violence assault on the property just after 11 a.m. May 5. Randy Stephen Walker pleaded guilty June 30 to a felony charge of attempted second-degree assault for attacking MacKenzie by pulling her hair and kicking down a door, which knocked MacKenzie out, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

Kelly Moore recalled that when Lore and her father, Lundi, built the home in 2001, it was a "beautiful piece of property."

"That just slowly slipped into hell," Kelly Moore said.

Archives for Tucker Reed show she spent her high school years active in the performing arts. She played Dorothy in Children's Musical Theatre of Ashland's September 2006 production of "The Wizard of Oz."

Reed went on to study broadcast journalism, theater and cinema at the University of Southern California, Reed's Wikipedia page shows. She worked briefly as a reporter for the Grants Pass Daily Courier earlier this year.

Kelly Moore said her mother just wants to clean the property and sell the home, built by her father before he succumbed to ALS. 

"Now she just wants to leave it all behind," Kelly Moore said.

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Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed