Mail Tribune 100, July 8, 1918

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    July 8, 1918


    According to a letter received by City Attorney Fred W. Mears from Captain James J. Crossley, written in France, May 30th, C company and the Third Oregon regiment are now on the French battle front and probably have been for some time. This company it will be remembered, was very popular when stationed here on guard duty for several months prior to leaving for France.

    The letter also states that Captain Crossley has three times refused a promotion to major because, notwithstanding the increased rank and pay, he preferred to stay with the Oregon boys and fight in the line with them.

    In part the letter reads as follows:

    “I am well and some busy. Have just spent one month up near the front lines at the tactical and maneuver school of the First army school and day after tomorrow I will go to the French front one week for observation. Then back to bring my company up with my regiment and division. Had Decoration day exercises here today. Can hear big guns on front here very plain and have had two aeroplane fights here. I feel proud of Oregon and hope to come back to it and my dear family when the war is over. I have been offered a majorship three times — once in the quartermaster corps and twice in the judge advocate department, but have so far refused because I want to stay with the Oregon boys and in the line where the fighting has to be done —t he old reliable infantry.”


    Federal Forest Supervisor McDuff of the Siskiyou national forest phoned from Grants Pass this morning to Federal Forest Supervisor Rankin to rush him five experienced fire fighters at once to work on a threatening fire in Josephine county. He did not give the location of the fire. Supervisor Rankin has arrived home from the Rabbit Ears fire and reports that it is all headed off and will probably be burned out within a short time. Ten men are now at work on this fire.

    Mr. Rankin reported that a new fire is burning in the Flat creek region on the other side of the Umpqua divide, but it is surrounded and it is thought will soon be under control.

    The Woodruff Meadows fire in the Prospect district is reported as under control. Assistant Forest Supervisor Harold Foster has returned from assisting in fighting the big fire on the Klamath reservation and in the Crater national forest. This fire is now practically out.

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