Mail Tribune 100, July 10, 1918

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    July 10, 1918


    W.F. Turner, formerly of Medford, who began his railroad career in Oregon as traffic manager of the Pacific & Eastern, when the hill interests acquired and constructed the road, has been made president of the Hill railroads in the northwest, including the Spokane, Portland and Seattle railway to succeed L. C. Gillman, appointed regional railroad director. Mr. Turner’s rise in the railroad world since leaving Medford has been rapid and his friends predict that he has only started and forecast a brilliant career.

    Mr. Turner in his executive capacity as president, will have charge of the corporate interests of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway company, Oregon Trunk Railway and Oregon Electric Railway company. Orders received Monday from John Varton Payne, general counsel of the United States railroad administration, definitely relinquish these lines from government control.

    Mr. Turner is at present vice president and controller of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway companies in the northwest.

    While Mr. Turner’s experience has been largely in the field of accounting, he has also held responsible operating positions, having been elected vice president of the Great Southern Pacific Steamship company in May, 1916, in direct charge of the operation of the palatial steamers, Great Northern and Norther Pacific, between Flavel and San Francisco. In this position he attained signal success as a traffic and operating manager, conducting the operation of the steamers in an efficient manner and gaining tremendous popularity for the line until the removal of the steamers from the run in September, 1917, when they were commandeered by the United Sates government for war service.

    Mr. Turner’s early training and experience were acquired with the Southern railway at Washington, D. C., where he was placed in charge of the statistics of the system. He was later assigned to the handling of steamer accounts and to check the rail and water accounts of the same system. Later Mr. Turner entered the service of the Delaware, Lackawana & Western railway at New York.

    Mr. Turner has been identified with the Hill interests in Oregon since 1909.

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