Logger sees forest for the trees


    Eagle Point logger Dave Wilkerson of Dave Wilkerson Logging LLC has been chosen as 2018 Operator of the Year for the Southern Oregon Area.

    The Oregon Board of Forestry honors loggers who protect natural resources at a level that goes above and beyond requirements of the Oregon Forest Practices Act while they are logging or doing other timber-related work.

    Wilkerson earned the Southern Oregon Operator of the Year award for safely harvesting a highly visible tract at the entrance to the city of Butte Falls. The tract, amid powerlines and busy pedestrian and road traffic, contained a fish-bearing stream. It took extra effort from Wilkerson to harvest near the stream in a manner that protected a buffer zone along the waterway. He also was able to selectively log the tract while protecting younger trees, helping keep the site’s aesthetic appeal for area residents. ODF’s Southwest Oregon District also gave a letter of commendation to the landowner, Weyerhaeuser. The company was commended for the responsiveness of its logging plan in addressing community concerns for the Butte Falls tract.

    Regional Forest Practices committees select the Operators of the Year and Merit Award recipients from among nominees sent in by landowners, ODF staff and others.

    Wilkerson will be honored March 6 in Salem, along with Brad Clemens, B & M Timber, of Burns, and Jay Browning, J.M. Browning Logging, of Astoria.

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