Central Point will remain in SOESD

    Local report

    The Central Point School Board voted Tuesday to remain in the Southern Oregon Education Service District for another year.

    The Central Point and Medford school districts indicated in October they intended to withdraw from SOESD, the second year in a row both did so. District officials from the districts have said they would save money by bringing some of the services provided by SOESD in-house.

    The two districts decided to remain in the service district through this school year because the 2017-18 local service plan did not allow a menu-style setup, in which school districts could pick and choose which services to purchase from SOESD. After both school districts signaled again that they intended to leave the service district, superintendents of all its school districts created a local service plan for the upcoming school year that would allow a menu of options, with required participation in some services.

    Central Point Superintendent Samantha Steele said the school district will handle its own services in career and technical education, for example. As a result, the district will receive money from the state through grants that it can allocate how it wants.

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