Television's 'Dog Whisperer' is coming back with new show

    Oh, where, oh where has the dog whisperer gone?

    Oh, where, oh where can he be?

    We searched high and low to catch his show,

    But not one wagging tail did we see.

    Can the SYA detectives help us?

    — Dorothy C., Medford

    Wow, poetry, Dorothy? We were tempted to respond in kind, perhaps with a limerick or two, but the words of a wise editor came to mind: "You know why poets are always so poor? Because rhyme doesn't pay. And the last time I checked I was paying you."

    Point taken.

    At any rate, Dorothy, it seems that Cesar Millan, star of "Dog Whisperer," called it quits on the series after nine seasons, with the last episodes airing in September.

    But, don't start howling just yet.

    Millan finished season nine on National Geographic's Nat Geo WILD and immediately began production of his new show on the same channel, a 12-part series titled "Leader of the Pack."

    The series began on Jan. 5, and takes place at Millan's Dog Psychology Center in Miraflores, Spain.

    The show follows Millan as he attempts to find new homes for sheltered dogs. The series will air at 7 p.m. Saturdays on Nat Geo WILD through March 26.

    "Dog Whisperer" first premiered in 2004 and was eventually broadcast in 80 countries, featuring Millan as he worked to rehabilitate dogs with behavior problems.

    Video clips from "Dog Whisperer" can be found on the Nat Geo WILD website, and many old episodes can be streamed online at

    Tips from Millan about training your dog can be found at

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