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Since You Asked: Ashland poacher got probation and a steep fine

Whatever happened with that poaching case in which the bullet hit a house in Ashland city limits?

— Jim, Medford

Dustin Scott McGrorty of Riddle avoided a felony conviction for the poaching incident that struck a home in the 600 block of Thornton Way, but that doesn’t mean he won’t pay dearly.

Earlier this month, McGrorty, 39, was sentenced to probation and community service and ordered to pay nearly $9,000 in fines and fees after pleading guilty to misdemeanor counts of unlawful use of a weapon, unlawfully taking or possessing a deer, hunting within a prohibited area and second-degree trespassing surrounding an Oct. 16 poaching of a 4x4 trophy class buck from the seat of McGrorty’s truck in which the shot ultimately landed near the home’s front door.

Under Oregon law, unlawful use of a weapon is normally a Class C felony, but Deputy District Attorney Melissa LeRitz agreed to reduce it to a Class A misdemeanor as terms of the plea agreement negotiated with his defense lawyer, Garren Pedemonte, according to documents filed in Jackson County Circuit Court.

Judge Laura Cromwell additionally ordered Sept. 2 that McGrorty’s hunting and fishing licenses be suspended for five years and that he forfeit the rifle used in the poaching described as a Ruger American 300 Blackout with a Vortex Crossfire 3-9x40 scope.

He must forfeit any hunting gear and won’t be allowed to own firearms for 18 months of the two-year probation sentence.

The home’s owners, who the Mail Tribune and Ashland Tidings is not naming, stated in a victim impact letter that they did not wish to see McGrorty be sent to prison, but called his shooting “stupid and irresponsible” more than once.

“We are astounded and dismayed that someone could be so stupid and irresponsible with a deadly weapon,” the victims’ statement reads in part. “What if someone had come out of the front door at the moment he was firing? What if the bullet had gone into the living area of the house and not the attic?”

McGrorty was ordered to pay $471 in restitution to the home’s owners for the damage from the shooting, plus $8,420.41 to Oregon State Police. McGrorty has paid $200 of the $8,891 judgment.

McGrorty was best known as a Southern Oregon University football hall-of-famer who had a brief stint in the National Football League with the St. Louis Rams. He played one regular season game with the Rams on Oct. 24, 2004, in Miami.

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