Jerry L. Greenlee

    Jerry L. Greenlee

    December 13, 1951 - May 16, 2018

    Jerry was born in Ford Ord, California, to Howard Dale Greenlee and Carla Ann (Carrithers) Greenlee. Jerry was the second oldest of four boys. They lived in Santa Cruz, Calif. before moving to Ashland, Oregon in 1962.

    He attended school in Ashland, including Ashland High School, until he left at the age of 17 to pursue a life of adventure.

    Jerry was a lifelong builder, in fact, a master carpenter, for most of his life. He concluded his career after 13 years as a building inspector for the city of Ashland.

    He was a powerful personality who many will remember for his volcanic blue eyes and ready fist!.

    Jerry loved his softball team, The Loose Shoes, whom he played with for many years. He also loved trips to Mexico and fishing.

    Anyone close to Jerry will always remember his love of dogs - ahem...children of the fur variety - especially his beloved Sarah. We are sure she is happy to see him again and has been waiting with a rock in her mouth all this time.

    Jerry is survived by two adult children; Erika Jade and Garet Dale; his three brothers, Clint, Charles, and Rick; many cousins; and devoted friends.

    Brother, you will forever hold the Staff of Power.

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