Mail Tribune 100, March 7, 1919

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    March 7, 1919


    Ashland, Mar. 7 — Renewed effort in behalf of Red Cross activities is the order of the day. Granted even though the war is over demands for relief on a colossal scale will be forthcoming for months. Locally three units of the Red Cross contribute to the grand work of the organization, and altho laboring in distinct channels, the benefit in general is merged for the common good of the mightiest factor in the world’s history for relieving distress incident to war, pestilence, fire and flood, or any other widespread calamity. Ashland’s three units in this beneficent work include the initial association with headquarters in the Elks building, where spacious rooms are generously provided in which the “hum of industry” prevails during several afternoons of each week. From this center radiates other phases of effort along divergent lines. The canteen service at the depot affords first aid in any emergency, tho thus far its chief labors have been confined to rendering minor comforts to the thousands of men who have passed thru this terminal during the war periods and the demobilization epoch which is following in its wake. Thirdly, the salvage corps commercializes effort on a revenue basis, and the general merchandise depot in Camps block has cleared hundreds of dollars which have been diverted to various channels in reinforcing the financial status as to income and outgo.

    Hardly a Drugstore in the Land That Does Not Sell This Remedy

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