Mail Tribune 100, March 13, 1919

    News from 100 years ago

    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    March 13, 1919


    The much talked of Essex, the new light weight car built by the Hudson company, has arrived and is on display at the A. W. Walker Auto company, the local agents.

    “The Essex is the result of years of experience which produced the super six, the most popular fine car in the world and is incorporated in the Essex. Every feature has been submitted to the most rigid tests and only the very finest material is used throughout the car,” said A. W. Walker.

    “Clever designing has enabled the engineers to produce a car in which performance, luxury and finish compare with the highest priced automobiles on the market. Although built for five passengers, the Essex provides more room in the front compartment and in the tonneau than do most seven-passenger automobiles.

    “In the past automobiles have been developed along two widely separated lines. One has been toward a cheap, light car. Economy and low first cost have been its chief advantages. The other trend has been toward luxury, comfort and endurance at the expense of low first cost and heavy maintenance expense. The Essex was built to combine the advantages of both these types.

    “The operation of the car is of the utmost simplicity, relieving the driver of the burden usually encountered on long tours. Much study has been devoted to the making of maintenance easy and the expense of upkeep small.

    “In building the Essex, nothing has been sacrificed to mere appearance, the beauty of the car coming from inherent qualities of fine workmanship and correct design. The motor, although only 29 inches in length, develops more than 50 horsepower, and in construction the car is strong enough to withstand the hardest usage.”


    Another trunk full of booze is now awaiting its owner at the S. P. depot. It came in last Saturday night. One bottle was broken and the fumes soon attracted the curious. There are now two trunks full of the fiery stuff at the depot, but no one will claim it. — Grants Pass Courier.


    Our roads are in very bad condition and several cars have mired down near the Orr place and had to get a team to pull them out. Everybody has to carry a shovel nowdays to dig out with. A little gravel would do a lot of good just now. — Gold Hill News.

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