Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 31, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Jan. 31, 1919


    The long delayed athletic season of the Medford high school will probably open at the Natatorium the night of Feb. 15 with games between the local boys’ and girls’ teams against the Roseburg high school teams. The local management has sent a contract to Roseburg high for these games and altho a reply has not come yet and acceptance is confidently expected.

    If it should happen that Roseburg cannot play here the opening games will come on Feb. 14 with the teams of Ashland high playing here. But if Roseburg does come then the local contest with Ashland will be played a week later on the night of Feb. 21. Then the Medford teams will play return contests with Ashland in the latter city of Feb. 22, Washington’s birthday.

    While the proposed contests with Roseburg attract much interest, the real thing contests and utmost interest comes with the Ashland contests because of the always keen rivalry between the high schools of the neighboring cities. It is the ardent intention of the students to mop up with both Ashland teams, but the Ashland boys and girls may upset these plans. It is a psychological fact, as the Medford high students would say, that the local school always has Ashland’s goat before a contest, but sad to relate the Ashland boys and girls have often returned home in the past with their goat much fattened and in unusually gleeful spirits.

    The flu epidemic all over played havoc with high school athletics in southern Oregon this fall and winter. It knocked out football entirely in this section, and prevents a complete basketball schedule, as Grants Pass, Central Point and Phoenix have no basketball teams.


    The exceptional healthful climate of Medford and vicinity is shown in the report of Dr. E. B. Pickel, city health officer since Oct. 12th last, the date on which the first case of influenza was reported, until today, as follows:

    531 cases of flu with two deaths from flu proper and 16 deaths from pneumonia following flu in the city and six in the country around.

    There are only four cases of influenza in the city.


    It is not very often that we see elephants shipped by express, but on Thursday afternoon’s train there was an express car with five large elephants that were sent from Winnipeg, Canada, to Orpheum at San Francisco. The car tenders did not say that they were taking them to a milder climate for their health, but from the appearance of the elephants they must be glad to get out of winter climate.

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