Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 30, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Jan. 30, 1919


    A large automobile filled with whiskey which was shipped by freight from Medford to Corvallis last Friday night by two unknown men, and from which before shipment several high school boys stole several quarts, in now in the custody of the Southern Pacific railroad at Albany while various state, county and railroad officers along the line are hard at work, and have been ever since the shipment, trying to locate the men who shipped the booze.

    The school students who stole some of the liquor became intoxicated the same night, and saved one bottle of whiskey to take with them to attend a dance in Ashland last Saturday night, and one of them became so intoxicated that he was arrested by the Ashland police and was fined in court there Monday.

    It is known that the freight car in which the booze-filled auto was placed was under the watchful eyes of two Southern Pacific detectives all the way from Grants Pass to Corvallis, they having learned of the shipment from Medford through word the authorities obtained from the local garage and the stories told by the high school boys as to where they obtained the liquor.

    The auto was in Medford for eight hours before it was shipped with its contents cleverly camouflaged. The bottles of liquor were carefully packed away in the bottom of the auto and covered over with canvas. On top of the canvas were piled picks and shovels and other prospectors’ tools, intending to give the impression that the car was owned by miners who had decided to ship from here. The bootleggers left town after shipping the auto and have not since been located.

    They were gone long before the authorities learned of the booze and its shipment. The students in nosing about the garage during their absence made the discovery of the liquor in the auto.

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