Mail Tribune 100, Jan 3, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Jan 3, 1919


    Despite the fact that only 1919 automobile license tags should appear on cars beginning with New Year’s day it would not take a close observer to notice that many Medford machines are not so equipped. While it is unlawful to use the old year’s tags after January 1st, it is seldom that any one is arrested for having an old tag on a car until a reasonable time has elapsed after the first of the year. This is due to the state automobile department not being able to handle the crush of application for licenses that come in near the close of the year.


    Confirmation of the fact that John Greb of Eagle Point, was not killed in France as was reported unofficially some time ago and which report of his relatives have regarded as false, was contained in a letter just received in the city from France by a Medford member of the 65th artillery, written Dec. 7th. The letter also shows that the 65th had not sailed for home up to that date. In part the letter says:

    “I received a letter from Johnny Greb yesterday and he is getting along fine. They never got to see any action at all. The spoils belong to the victor and I hope I’ll be able to beat him to the interesting story.

    “We have been having battalion parade every day this week that the weather would permit, and yesterday we had a regimental parade and review, going thru it three times. We are going to repeat it again this afternoon. But it all has an object, as Sunday, tomorrow, we are to have a brigade parade consisting of three regiments — the 58th, 59th and 65th. This may mean another move in our favor towards home.”


    The U.S. government, agricultural colleges, bankers, and income tax collectors have been urging the farmers all over the United States to keep farm accounts. Statistics show that a very low percentage of farmers keep an accurate account on record of their farm business.

    The county agent, co-operating with the Oregon Agricultural college and Oregon Bankers’ association, is putting on a project thru the members of the Jackson County Farm bureau, known as Farm Record Keeping. Books for this work can be obtained by applying to the county agent. This is a good time to start the year’s work and every farmer in Jackson county should have a Farm Account book and make it a point to keep complete record for the year 1919.

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