Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 27, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Jan. 27, 1919


    Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Milam of Phoenix have received the following from their son Vernon who is in the navy aboard the U. S. S. Pueblo, dated New York, Jan. 20:

    My dear mother and father: Arrived safely in the dear old U. S. A. I am well, feeling fine and am all OK. We brought fifteen hundred soldiers back with us. They were made up mostly of the 53rd ammunition train and casualties. Those old boys can sure tell some tales of their experiences at the front/ We spent four days at Brest, France. It is a very quaint city. I have been in three continents now, North America, South America and Europe. A pretty good record for a fellow only eighteen years old, don’t you think. Please don’t worry about me because I am getting along fine.

    I went up another step on the first of January. I took examination and qualified for the rating of a first class petty officer. I am now a first class Yeoman. Stepping up slow but sure. The next step that I will take if I am put up for it, will be chief petty officer, and then I would wear a uniform like the fellow at Medford that enlisted me. I hardly think that I will get that far up, but then you never can tell.

    How is everything at home? I hope that you are all well and happy and getting along fine. I hope that you have a fine school this year. How is the flu, I hope that there isn’t any more of it in the valley now. Are you having any snow at home now? Gee, but I would love to be there. I guess that the old home town will be greatly changed when I come back. I have one year, one month and twenty-two days to do now. That won’t be long will it? I have just been thinking how things will be changed when I come back. It will be three years, and I guess things will be changed a whole lot in that time.

    I mailed you a little French souvenir postcard in Brest, but I don’t suppose that you have received it yet. This trip back home from France has been the roughest that I ever experienced at sea. One day the ship was registering 35 degree rolls; when she rolls forty-three she goes over, but I am hoping that she never will roll that much, because our ship can stand up in any storm that any ship in the world can, so you needn’t be alarmed. We were thirteen days coming back from France. Well, dear people don’t worry about me, have faith, enjoy yourselves and remember that a great day is coming and it is not far off. I will write again soon. With all of my love to my mother and father, I am, your only son, VERNON MILAM.

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