Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 11, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Jan. 11, 1919


    Athletic activities, which have been dead in the high school except the two first weeks of school because of the flu epidemic, were revived Thursday by an enthusiastic rally of the student body and the boys and girl’s basket ball team candidates turning out for first practice at the natatorium. From now on for the next two months all interest will be centered in basket ball.

    The students are greedily hungry for the chance to watch their clubs play with those of neighboring towns and cities and to back them up with hard rooting. To the school boys and girls this rivalry is the only life. Cheated out of football contests entirely through the epidemics they will make it up with interest in basket ball and baseball.

    Judging from the ability and number of candidates for both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams those teams will make a splendid showing with outside teams. The girls’ team is being coached by Miss Mabel Rankin and Mr. Jewett of the high school faculty. The latter has had much basket ball experience and won honors as coach of the former star high school team of Roseburg. The boys’ team is being coached by H. Heidenreich, the manual training teacher, who has had much successful experience and formerly coached the Ashland high team


    Mayor Gates did not attend the reconstruction convention at Portland this week for the reason that he is having the interior of his mouth overhauled and redecorated by a dentist.


    Some thief who dotes on fine silk stockings or has a friend who can use such apparel stole ten pair out of the Rialto theater lobby advertising show case some time during last night. Just why the miscreant did not pull the remaining pair in the case off what were supposed to represent Constance Talmadge’s underpinning the police are unable to understand. The stolen sox belonged to The May company.


    Rain, fog and sleet with a temperature at freezing point or a little below made Saturday morning one of disagreeable weather, and because of the almost invisible treacherous icy film on the sidewalks and streets walking was a difficult and extremely athletic affair. Many people had falls. The rest of the forenoon was made up of a dense fog with the sun trying to break thru. The prediction is for rain tonight and Sunday.

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