Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 18, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Feb. 18, 1919


    It was brought out of a legislative hearing at Salem recently that Oregon was the first state to abolish the common drinking cup and that it was also the first state to establish public drinking fountains.


    A mass meeting held at the library yesterday afternoon in the interests of the homecoming soldiers and sailors was a very successful one, both from the standpoint of attendance and of interest manifested. Mrs. Lee Davenport presided stating in clear, concise terms the aim of the National Drama League in continuing the clean wholesome entertainment for the boys in their home environment, that has been so well conducted in the camp life. Acting under the direction of the national league, the local chapter offered its services to the city and they were most gladly and promptly accepted. The work which opens with a banquet and reception for the homecoming boys will be continued in the form of healthy, fulsome pleasures thruout the year. Immediate interest, however, centers in celebrating the return of those who were called to the colors.

    Tentative arrangements include a banquet, to which veterans of the Civil and Spanish-American wars will be bidden, followed by a general reception where all citizens may greet their soldier friends. The entertainment committee also promises a rich treat.

    ...A reception committee will comprise the mothers and fathers of the soldier boys. These committees will be augmented and new ones formed to carry on the big undertaking.

    Rev. Boozer voiced the sentiment of the meeting when he suggested that the celebration be simple, sincere, hearty, with a beginning and an ending.

    The second feature of the meeting was a discussion of plans for an organized effort in extending greetings to the soldiers who from time to time are passing thru the city. Many overseas boys are being transported from camp to camp and Medford, in common with sister cities wishes to do them honor. It is proposed to organize the town along regimental lines with Mayor Gates as the general. He will have his aides under the caption of colonels and majors. They will command a long list of captains, each captain to command ten people. In this way a large crowd could be collected with the least effort, and with song, cheer and Rogue River valley fruit, the soldiers would have reason to long remember Medford. A committee of business men to be appointed by Mayor Gates will be formed at once to work out this plan.

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