Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 15, 1919, Continued

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Feb. 15, 1919, Continued


    In the presence of the largest crowd that has witnessed a basket ball contest in recent years, the Ashland high team, as Irvin Cobb would say, completely “buttered” the Medford high team all over the auditorium last night by the score of 42 to 15. The game between the girls teams of the two institutions was a pretty close contest with the local girls winning by 9 to 7. Last night’s contests were the opening ones of the season and Ashland rooters were present to the number of 100. Return contests will be played at Ashland tonight and a big crowd of Medford rooters and the high school band will accompany the local teams.

    The Medford high boys team was totally outclassed in experience, practice and size last night. The Ashland team has been playing together for the past three years. Two years ago Prof. Heidenreich, the Medford high coach, coached the same Ashland teams as played last night. The first half of last night was a pretty contest with Ashland scoring 17 and Medford 8, but the Medford boys went to pieces in the second half. Campbell and Singler, forwards, starred for Medford in the game, while the Ashland stars were Bryan and McMillian. Seely Hall refereed, and Otto Klum, former athletic coach at both the Ashland and Medford high schools, umpired. Tonight Klum will be the referee and Hall the umpire.


    Relative to the report that is in circulation in the city that a well known Medford man of pronounced anarchistic and Bolshevik leanings, will soon be tried by a lodge of which he is a member on charges embodying Bolshevik utterances recently, the following published in this week’s issue of the Yreka Journal is interesting:

    “On what appears to be very good authority, it is rumored that unless their plans are changed, a mob of I. W. W.s, now organizing in southern Oregon will shortly invade northern California. Whether or not these undesirables contemplate creating disturbances of any kind cannot be learned, but Siskiyou peace officers are prepared to receive the gentry properly.

    “Last week thirty-three members of the ‘red card brotherhood’ dropped off at Hornbrook. Before they had a chance to make themselves very objectionable, however, the bunch was split up into small bunchlets by the officers and sent out of town in box cars. Two unusually stubborn ones, evidently enamored of Hornbrook, were reluctant to leave. Persuasion — a fourteen or sixteen inch hickory club answers the purpose admirably — led them to a change of convictions and they, too, went away.

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