Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 15, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Feb. 15, 1919


    Frank Pedue, a Canyonville, Ore., farmer, decided, as he says, to try just once to see if he could pack a quantity of booze home from California. He made the attempt and did not get away with it, being caught at the Talent depot last evening red handed by Deputy Sheriff McDonald with two and one-half quarts of whiskey in his pockets and 12 quarts in his suitcase.

    Before Justice Taylor this forenoon Perdue pleaded guilty to the charge of transporting liquor into Oregon and was given a sentence comprising a $200 fine and 100 days in the county jail. He was given to understand, however, that if he paid the fine, the jail sentence would be suspended. Perdue will make an effort to raise the amount of the fine.


    It is expected that a number of relatives of Medford soldiers in the 65th artillery will go to Portland to take part in the great welcome that will be extended to the regiment on its arrival in that city Monday en route from Camp Dix to Camp Lewis for demobilization. Other relatives will wait until next week when the regiment is settled for its stay at Camp Lewis before visiting the boys.

    Mayor and Mrs. C. E. Gates leave for Portland tonight to participate in the welcoming demonstration. The mayor received a telegram this morning from Mayor Baker of Portland, urging his presence at the demonstration as the official representative of Medford. Colonel Kerfoot, commander of the regiment, telegraphed yesterday from Omaha that the command, which had been delayed by the big storm and blizzard in the middle west, would not reach Portland until early Monday morning and that the regiment would be in Portland all day Monday at the disposal of the general reception committee.


    While the program for the homecoming soldiers has not as yet been perfected, it is known that community singing will be one of the big features of the welcome. Whether you can sing or not, be at the library Monday at 2:30 to help in making a glad noise. Mass preparation meeting.

    The finance committee for the soldiers and sailors celebration fund comprises Mayor Gates, Mrs. Delroy Getchell and Mrs. Frank Owen. Give your contribution to the committee and save work for the solicitors.

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