Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 14, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Feb. 14, 1919


    While parents and wives are anxiously scanning the columns of the daily papers to ascertain if possible the exact day and hour their loved ones of the Sixty-fifth regiment will arrive in Portland, there have been silent but active forces at work in Medford, to set in motion plans for the most elaborate and jolliest celebration ever staged in this city.

    The date fixed will be immediately upon the arrival home of the overseas boys but the celebration will be in honor of all returned soldiers and sailors, those already here as well as those who arrive in the interim. On this occasion Medford will treat them all and treat them right. A committee on general arrangements met this morning and formulated plans on a scale sufficiently stupendous to elicit the assistance of every willing hand in Medford and vicinity. Those who listened to Irvin Cobb and his marvelous word picture of the valor of the American soldier, will feel moved to double the effort in showing just appreciation of the “product of the melting pot.” To this end Medford plans one grand festival and to make it a fete than can never be effaced from the memory of the boys. Mayor Gates has invited the Drama League, with their newly elected president, Mrs. Lee Davenport at the head, to assume charge d’affaires in cooperation with all the clubs, organizations and individuals of the city. No one is to be denied a part in this last but greatest local event of the war epoch.

    For the perfecting of plans for the home coming, a mass meeting will be held at the Library Monday at 2:30. Some surprises are promised for this meeting and all should feel it a privilege rather than a duty to attend.

    Funds for the event will be secured by contribution — everyone will wish to take part in this feature of the program, many having already expressed a desire to assist generously. The finance committee comprises Mayor Gates, Mrs. Delroy Getchell and Mrs. Frank Owen. To simplify the work of the committee, citizens are asked to leave contributions at the office of Mayor Gates or place them with members of the committee personally.


    Official notice was received at the post office today that according to a recent bill passed all the clerks and carriers of the post office, and Assistant Postmaster Warner, will, beginning with July 1 next, will receive a $1.00 yearly increase in pay. In their rejoicing the office force did not forget Postmaster Mims, the only one left of out the increase, but assuaged his grief by taking up a collection and buying him a box of cigarettes.

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