Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 12, 1919

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Feb. 12, 1919


    In order to insure the safety of the school children of Medford the school board at its meeting last night decided to at once install fire safety doors to each school building, doors that swing both in and out, so that in case of a panic the pupils egress would not be delayed.

    Not only that, but in the line of additional safety the board decided to install electric push signal fire alarms on each floor of every building so that in case of fire any teacher or pupil could push the nearest button which would alarm the entire building. Now there is only on alarm, which is located on the first floor, and which the janitor is supposed to ring.

    Ever since his return from the east while he studied into school safety and hygiene, Dr. E. H. Porter has urged his fellow members on the school board to adopt these measures of safety which are unanimously approved by the board.

    The recent heavy rains caused trouble at several of the school buildings. Last Saturday night’s deluge flooded the basement of Washington school, and had school been held Sunday the building would have to have gone without heat because of the flooding of the lower part of the furnace. But Monday morning, by bailing the water out, the janitor was able to start a fire. The eave-troughs of the building were also clogged up and overflowed, causing water to enter into Principal Cox’s room and soiling the office records.

    The rains have also caused water to seep up from the ground in the high school basement, especially under the flooring of the room used by the domestic science class.

    On recommendation of Superintendent Davenport and Mr. McReynolds, head of the commercial department of the high school, the board decided to fit out that department with an imitation bank and wholesale house office. This will be a welcome innovation to the commercial pupils as well as a big practical aid in their instruction.

    The board also decided to purchase 150 group singing books of the latest issue for the high school. These books contain all the old favorites as well as the new patriotic and religious songs and standard choruses.

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