Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 31, 1918

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Dec. 31, 1918


    Medford and the valley is in the midst of the coldest weather the valley has experienced for years, and the unusually low temperature for this climate bids fair to continue at least another day, for the weather prediction of this morning was for continued cold.

    While the official lowest temperature for this morning, registered on the government thermometer was 12 degrees above zero, plebeian thermometers throughout the city and especially on the streets of the business district, registered from 4 to 8 degrees above.

    But let us accept the official weather bureau figure at 12, for it is our duty to patriotically support the government. Anyhow, what is a few degrees of difference in a small matter like this, between friends? Let us say it was cold, unusually and bitterly cold, and let it go at that. If Mister Claude Cate and the government says it was not as cold, why dispute the assertion?

    My, but it was wintry this morning and forenoon with strong accent on the win. Everybody knew it was almost record breaking weather long before they got up, for there was general complaint throughout the city about sleeping cold all night. Father did not dilly dally long in building the fire this morning and mother lay in bed longer than usual. Little sister and brother in getting up as usual snuggled to the warm, alluring fires, and did not realize the low temperature until first venturing outside.

    Many persons who did not take the precaution of wrapping water pipes and faucets before retiring last night, found that the pipes were frozen up this morning. The services of plumbers were in great demand. Much damage was done in homes by frozen pipes and faucets.

    The walking on frozen snow this morning and forenoon and enjoying the novelty of that crunching, peculiar sound, was a much enjoyed novelty. But no one sauntered idly along to prolong the sensation. Every one hurried as fast as possible in order to reach the next nearest friendly stove.

    This cold spell, while disagreeable to many, is not without its silver lining, for it means much good for the orchards. It means the folding of the first buds back much longer than usual. One or two more cold snaps between now and spring together with this big severe one, will hold the buds back until about May 10th, when they will blossom forth with splendid vitality.

    This is not record cold weather for the Rogue river valley, for three or four years ago the mercury got down for a day or two to 10 degrees above zero. Medford was comparatively warm this morning compared to Prospect, where the thermometer stood at three degrees below zero.

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