Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 28, 1918

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Dec. 28, 1918


    On arising this morning and looking out most Medford and valley people were surprised to see everything covered with a mantle of white, and the ditty published in school readers of years ago came to the minds of the older ones. “It snows, cries the school boy. Hurrah, and his shout rings,” etc.

    It was snow, snow everywhere, and “The beautiful” was still falling. The unusual and pretty sight in this valley was most agreeable and former easterners and others from colder climates sighed and said, “If we had only has this on Christmas.”

    The snow began falling in earnest at 7:30 a.m. but for an hour before that it had been falling in thin flakes. The snow was so heavy that by 8 o’clock there was half an inch of it, and by noon through intermittent spurts this was increased to one inch.

    Young Medford was not slow to take advantage of the snow fall and many winter sports were soon on. Boys and girls throughout the city enjoyed the novelty of rolling the snow and fashioning big snow men and women. There were many snow ball fights, too, in every neighborhood among the boys and girls. The snow was of the right consistency for rolling and making snow balls.

    Probably the liveliest snow ball fight in Medford took place at about 10:30 a.m. when a number of soldiers and sailors who were passing through, got off the south bound Southern Pacific passenger train for an airing and soon were lined up on sides, the army against the navy. The fight started easy and good natured, but as the boys grew heated the air between them was full of flying snow balls and many of them hit with a hard sting on the faces, heads and bodies. The combatants were hurling pell mell and in such earnestness when the train pulled out that the crew and porters had to spring in among each squad of contestants and shout that the train was going. Even then a number of the boys stayed long enough to have a last shot or two at the enemy and almost missed the train. One sailor stayed too long and reached the steps of his coach after the doors had been closed. He has to ride all the way to Ashland hanging onto the lower step.

    According to the weather prediction the snow will not be with us long as rain is predicted for tonight and Sunday and warmer weather for tonight.

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