Mail Tribune 100, Dec 27, 1918

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    Dec. 27, 1918


    The Industrial club boys and girls of Jackson county produced in value during the past year $1,576.77. The cost of production was $784.30, leaving a profit of $792.47. These figures do not include the many boys and girls who did part or all of their work but made no final report on what they did.

    Industrial club work is primarily an educational institution. These figure show, however, that in the process of education the boys and girls produce value far above the cost. Even though we add the cost of instruction, there will then be a net gain over all costs. The government paid the salary and traveling expenses of the rural school supervisor for two months during the summer to see to club work. State club workers have given a portion of their time to work in this county. Some expense has fallen to the county school superintendent’s office in directing this work. Though it is difficult to accurately estimate the exact cost, it is very safe to say that there will be a profit above the cost of production and instruction.

    This condition is true even considering the fact that less than a tenth of the boys and girls in the county who might well do club work are yet taking advantage of that opportunity. When the plans of the department of agriculture, the agricultural college, and the state department of education are better understood, and when the strength of our school system is placed more effectively back of the work, we will have an institution in operation that will produce far above the cost. We are remembering that the fundamental purpose of club work is educational, and that the demands for practical training are becoming more general and more permanent.

    The best record made in our county was made by the potato club members who produced in value $291.57, at a cost of $48.20, leaving a profit of $243.37. Corn club members produced $298.46 at a cost of $137.64, with a profit of $151.82. The pig club members produced $410.07 at a cost of $267.21, with a profit of $142.86. The five Belgian hare club members offered a little surprise by netting $92.49. The profits in other projects were less. Such projects as sewing and baking are of course not commercial in any sense.

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