Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 23, 1918

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    Dec. 23, 1918


    The machinery was set in motion today to provide employment in Jackson county for returned soldiers from the cantonments and overseas service when Major John G. Hibbard, U. S. A., arrived in the morning from Camp Lewis and a harried meeting was called by Mayor Gates at 11 a.m. of the Commercial club directors, Geo. T. Collins, county chairman of the council of defense, and representatives of the war labor community board and federal employment bureau.

    At this short session Major Hibbard outlined the plans prepared by the state in cooperation with the army authorities to take care of unemployed soldiers. An army officer from Camp Lewis has been sent to every Pacific coast state to start organizations in every community to take care of this work. The major will spend 10 days in southern Oregon and the Willamette valley.

    The reconstruction program links up national and local efforts and centralizes in each community thru the local organization all information as to proper openings in industry, commerce, and agriculture available to the returned fighters of the nation. It calls for assisting them to the best work the country can give them, the individual qualifications being considered, and for sending as many as possible to the farms.

    “It is a duty we owe the returned soldier who offered his life in the country’s defense,” said Major Hibbard at the meeting today. “Since most soldiers are expected to return to their home communities the task of aiding them to find work is primarily a community responsibility.”

    A meeting will be held tonight in Medford by representative citizens to perfect an organization to give employment and desirable information to returned soldiers. This organization will take in all parts of the county.


    The public market was livelier today than for weeks past with an unusually large supply of country pork and pork products offered for sale as well as a plentiful supply of beef, veal, turkeys, geese and chickens and vegetables. Laurel berries, mistletoe and Oregon grape were also on sale. The market will be open next Tuesday, the day before Christmas.

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