Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 19, 1918

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Dec. 19, 1918


    To the Public:

    The following is the exact condition of the influenza epidemic beginning with Monday, December 9th:

    New cases actually reported Monday, December 9th, 81; Tuesday, Dec. 10th, 70; Wednesday, Dec.11th, 68; Thursday, Dec. 12th, 40; Friday, Dec. 13th, 28; Saturday, Dec. 14th, 22; Sunday, Dec. 15th, 20; Monday, Dec. 16th, 13; Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 7, and Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 4.

    The above figures are exact. A lady works in Dr. Pickel’s office who does nothing but tabulate these figures each day and if a doctor does not report by 10 o’clock in the morning she calls him on the phone and completes her total, so the above figures are absolutely correct and can not be disputed. If it has been controlled in the above manner, the mask must be admitted as an excellent preventative. If the people will be patient and adhere strictly to the wearing of the mask it will only be a few days until the mask can be abolished.

    Then the quarantine which is now a state law should be enough to keep it down. I wish to warn the public that the new state law requires that where there are homes with one or more people afflicted with influenza that no member of that house or occupant of that house is allowed to leave the home. I wish it distinctly understood that this law must be lived up to and any one found on the street from a home so afflicted will be immediately placed under arrest.

    This is a matter of human lives and the law will be no respecter of person when we are endeavoring to protect lives. I beg of you to cooperate in every way, and disregard the sneers and jeers of those who seem to care nothing for the welfare of their fellow men, and abide by the law and Medford can be kept free from this dreaded disease.

    (Signed) C. E. GATES, Mayor


    The custom of Medford people calling up the Southern Pacific passenger depot at all times of the day and up to midnight since the telephone company put the ban on giving such information has grown to be such a nuisance that if the practice continues the depot ticket clerks in self defense, will have to politely refuse answers to such inquiries. Many such calls are received at train time and other busy periods.

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