Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 16, 1918

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Dec. 16, 1918


    At a special meeting of the city council today the ban was lifted on churches, theaters and moving picture shows at once, but masks must be continued to be worn by everyone as heretofore within theaters and without. Public and private dances will be prohibited, and the council recommends that schools do not open until after the holidays.

    Pool rooms and billiard halls will be opened under the same regulation regarding the wearing of masks.

    The reason for this action is that councilmen feel that if the masks are of any value there is no need of closing legitimate business. Health Officer Pickel and the doctors of the city support this view. It was also decided to quarantine all houses where flu exists in accordance with the recommendations of the state board of health.

    J. C. Mann, the well known local merchant, was arrested by Police Chief Timothy shortly before noon today for not wearing a flu mask in his store. The arrest followed complaints by three women who wore masks while in the Mann store Saturday and were waited upon by Mr. Mann without a mask. The police chief was sent by Mayor Gates to investigate and finding the proprietor maskless, promptly placed him under arrest.

    Mr. Mann was very much incensed and said he doubted the right of the police to invade his store. He also said the flu mask ordinance was foolish, did more harm than good, and two of his clerks were now suffering from sore throat caused by wearing the masks.

    Before Justice Taylor where he was given a hearing Mr. Mann repeated his opinions and then pleading guilty was fined the usual $5, which he paid. Justice Taylor explained that neither he nor the police chief had any personal feeling in the matter, but the council and mayor had passed the law and it was their duty to enforce it.

    A. D. Barrell was also arrested for the same violation, pleaded guilty and paid his fine, while Kenneth Jerome, against whom a similar complaint was filed, pleaded not guilty.

    The flu epidemic is continuing to subside, the total new cases on Sunday reaching 20, two less than the former minimum on Saturday. No deaths from influenza were reported today, although three cases were considered serious.

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