Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 14, 1918 Continued

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    The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

    Dec. 14, 1918, continued


    There are a number of families stricken with influenza in Medford in which every member is ill and there is no one around even to bring a drink of water. Appeals have been made for help to the Red Cross but as yet Mrs. F. W. Mears, in charge of Red Cross workers has been able to secure no assistance. The situation in these families is critical and volunteers are urgently needed. If assistance is not forthcoming many people will die, who is not compelled to arise from their beds would survive. Mrs. Mears asks that members of the Red Cross ready to aid in this important work communicate with her at once, phone 686-M. Volunteers are not expected to act as nurses but merely attend to the routine duties of any household in which there is illness. Beginning Monday volunteers may call Red Cross headquarters.


    Traveling men stopping at local hotels show a disposition to get out of town as soon as possible when told that they must wear flu masks. This is agreeable to the city authorities as the second epidemic is attributed to persons from the northern part of the state, particularly Portland, where conditions are very bad.


    Revised figures on the progress of the flu epidemic in Medford as compiled by City Health Officer E. B. Pickel showed today a continuation of the steady decline in the number of cases reported. With all doctors reporting but one, there were 40 on Thursday and 24 on Friday. Today there had been no official report at noon but it was believed a still further decrease would be noted when reports were all in.

    No deaths were reported from influenza today. Mr. Watkins, who was very low Friday, rallied this morning and hope for his recovery is held out. Mrs. Blakely is seriously ill, and was reported quite low today but there are no other cases considered critical.

    There were two arrests this morning for violation of the flu mask ordinance, S. A. D. Higgins and George Coulter were the guilty parties, and the regular fines were assessed. The initial opposition to the flu mask in some quarters has apparently entirely disappeared.

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