Since You Asked: Sanctuary state repeal made it on the ballot

    Since You Asked

    Earlier this year, I signed a petition to change Oregon’s status as a sanctuary state. Did that make it onto the November ballot?

    — Douglas, Gold Hill

    Pardon our rambling, but we need to stretch the word “yes” to fit in a newspaper column.

    Oregon’s Measure 105, officially known as the Repeal Sanctuary State Law Initiative, was cleared for the Oregon ballot in the middle of July, according to a Secretary of State’s office elections division tweet, which determined that 95.2 percent of the 105,000 signatures submitted by proponents were valid — of which you must’ve been one, Douglas — clearing the 88,184 signature requirement under state law.

    If passed, the ballot initiative first filed by a trio of Republican state representatives that included Sal Esquivel of Medford, would repeal Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, which — in a nutshell — has prohibited local police agencies from using their budgets towards federal immigration law enforcement since 1987.

    We here at Since You Asked headquarters won’t wade into the controversy — that’s what our opinion page and elections are for — but we’d be remiss if we left out that a rally opposed to the ballot measure is set to kick off at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Oregon Education Association building, 2495 S. Pacific Highway in Medford. Other rallies are set that same day for locations in Bend, Portland, Salem and Springfield. See for details.

    Proponents of the ballot measure have a web page at

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