Change channels once in a while

    I'm writing from Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, where I landed after having a stroke which deadened my right side.

    At 67, well, par for the course. Could have been worse, as I look around — one of my therapists is enduring a nasty divorce, for example, and I'll be delivered home to loving hands. Care has been wonderful, but that's not what this is about.

    I have no TV stations at home and therefore not very informed by mainstream media news. Having 3 million channels at my access, the least I could do was find out what's in the news, and with time on my hands, l dabble from local to national news.

    Fox News might be talking about the Clinton shenanigans and CNN about wife abuse in high places. Both talk about the Russians. Watching the Winter Olympics, I liked the idea that we were all in an intense competition on Korean powder, and we went home swinging our medals, with everyone having something to brag about.

    But when street fighting between fellow Americans due to news spin is under way, and the bickering turns nasty, it's time to look deeper.

    Apparently, someone is instigating this, making us war against each other and finding that this is more effective than random nukes. And a whole lot cheaper. What are Russians good at, besides hockey? Disseminating misinformation. And it's never been easier. Russia is not the good old saber rattling USSR and has become a system of feudal oligarchs.

    One night I noticed that Wolf Blitzer's face sagged, and the cameras panned away just as his tentacles began to appear, and when I switched to Fox News, Hannity slipped for a moment and blurted a few words in Russian before regaining composure. Then I dreamed I was a white man.

    Opening my eyes with a start, Dan Rather was snoring and 50,000 ghosts were disappearing into the walls and a church choir was singing, "Stop! Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's goin' down ..."

    Yo! People. Change stations once in a while.

    — Wes Johnson lives in Klamath Falls.


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