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Letters, Jan. 13

Tragic end to the MT

As a reader of the Mail Tribune for more than 40 years, the news of its impending demise — digital and all — comes as a shock. I never imagined our paper of record would join so many others across the country and fold.

It leaves a giant void on many levels, the least of which is is keeping tabs on local governments and elected officials, some of whom struggle to understand the importance of the news media, especially at a time when a few leaders and citizens are working to undermine our democracy. A profound loss for Southern Oregon indeed.

Jeff Palmer


Thank you

For all the memories.

John Bergendahl


Thanks to Sanctuary One

I would like to thank the staff and volunteers at Sanctuary One Care Farm for their outstanding work in our community.

Their holistic approach to people, animals and the Earth is a much-needed and valuable resource. They are doing great work and I was delighted to hear about their 1,000th animal rescue.

I am grateful for their efforts to positively impact the lives of people in the community, and for providing a safe home, healthy food and medical care to the neglected and abused animals they have rescued. Well done, Sanctuary One!

Tammy Noble

Sams Valley

A force of life

What a “force of life” was Lloyd Hoffine, the topic of Wednesday’s in-depth obituary. The impact he had on all his players and others surrounding him was truly inspirational.

While I was never close to Lloyd, I always looked forward to seeing him, and, despite his health issues of the past few years, his reply to the question, “How’re you doing, Lloyd?” was always the same:

“I’ve never been better a day in my life!”

What a positive attitude toward life! You wil be missed, Lloyd!

Kevin Klabunde


Respect for expertise

A disturbing trend in our hyperpolarized discourse is the denigration of expertise. The latest example is Tucker Carlson suggesting the tragedy of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest was caused by COVID vaccination. Kareem Abdul Jabbar excoriated Carlson for his irresponsibility, but the damage was done, and the conspiracy theory rifled through right-wing media.

Never mind that the overwhelming likelihood for Hamlin’s arrest is called commotio cordis, a blow to the chest at a vulnerable instant of the cardiac cycle. And never mind that the falsehood likely causes more gullible folks to forgo vaccines. Carlson suggested further that the doctors attending Hamlin were “lying” and “witch doctors”.

Any rational person might wonder why Carlson could seem to have the inside track on the medical situation for Hamlin and his doctors wouldn’t, but this disdain of obvious expertise is no deterrent to the right’s appetite for conspiracy. We saw it on hideous, atrocious display with Alex Jones’ assertion that the Sandy Hook massacre was fiction.

At least Jones has been brought to justice with a substantial civil judgment. Perhaps it’s time to do the same with the Carlsons of media who are more interested in self-promotion than truth.

Bruce Van Zee, M.D.